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Welcome to Sedgemoor Honey Farm

Situated on the outskirts of Taunton, Sedgemoor Honey Farm produces the finest Somerset honey and is available through good local shops, farm shops, farmers markets and local National Trust outlets. As well as our commerical honey production, we offer a much sought after pollination service for local farmers and growers. Queen bees and nucleus colonies are also reared for sale to other beekeepers.

Sedgemoor Honey Farm Products

Honey varieties for sale

Sedgemoor Honey Farm aims to produce the finest quality honey available. We supplying a wide range of honey products, including Heather and Borage Honey, to local farm shops and other commercial enterprises.

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Beekeeping Equipment for Sale

Bees and beekeeping equipment

Sedgemoor Honey Farm a variety of bees and beekeeping equipment for sale at different times throughout the year, including nuclei, queens and hives.

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Hive diary

Spring time signals a surge of activity in and around the bee hives with the longer – and warmer – daylight hours encouraging the worker bees to forage for nectar and pollen.

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Where it all began…

Chris Harries started beekeeping back in the mid 1970’s. Little could he have then known that his fascination with 2 hives in the garden, would develop into the successful bee farm of today. Still largely single-handed, Chris now runs 300 colonies of bees, divided between 20 apiaries.

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