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Bees and beekeeping equipment for sale

The following items are available at different times throughout the year. Please give us a buzz to find out when items are available.

Sedgemoor Honey Farm Nuclei


Nucleii available between mid April and end June weather permitting.

Sedgemoor Honey Bees


Queens are available from the beginning of May to the end of August weather permitting. Please contact us for availability and to order.

Sedgemoor Honey Farm Hives

Hive of Bees

National and commercial hives with bees for sale during the active season.

National and commercial empty hives for sale all year round.

Honey varieties for sale

Sedgemoor Honey Farm aims to produce the finest quality honey available. We supplying a wide range of honey products, including Heather and Borage Honey, to local farm shops and other commercial enterprises.

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